Hair care



Product description

Special Care For Your Hair: 
Sustain natural hair growth, remove frizz and add shine while keeping hair healthy and beautiful. Feel the smooth soft results, easy to comb and confident. 

Product Efficacy: 
✔ Repair And Revitalizes Hair Follicles 
✔ Stable Hair Roots 
✔ Reduce And Prevent Hair Loss 
✔ Eliminates Frizz And Improve Dry Joke 
✔ Add Softness & Shine 

Instructions of Use: 
Each time before washing your hair, add 3 ml hair growth serum to 100 ml shampoo, then Stir well. Put this mixture on your hair and massage your scalp. Regular usage 2-3 per week. 

1 Keep away from the children. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid using. 
2 Keep away from the light. 
3 For external use only. 

Package:1 x bottle of Hair Serum