As people become more concious about what they put on amd in their bodies, the demand for organic products is increasing day by day. Organic food is the product of a farming system which avoids the use of man made pesticides, growth regulators, fertilisers and livestock fees additives. The use of products whose production involves no synthetoc chemicals, hormones and no GMO is more appealing now more then ever as people are more aware of the impact food has on thwir health. Organic food is een as healthier due to its natural production not only is it richer in nutrients such as Vitamin C and minerals it also contains lower nitrate levels and fewer waste materials from pesticides. Organic production is seem as bettwr for the enviroment as farming does not include the treatment of soil with chemicals hence preventing the disruption of nature. Healthcare is cited as the important reason  as consumers opt to buy certified organic products even though the price is more often than not higher than conventionally produced products.