How To Lose Weight After 45 Years?

After 45 years of age, metabolism slows, body changes, weight loss is becoming harder and harder. So, let’s talk about how to lose weight after 45 years.

Even if your weight was always in the past, after 45 years you can gain a few pounds. The emergence of excess weight after 45 years could be associated with various hormones, with a slowing metabolism. Due to hormonal changes at this age begin accumulation fatty tissue, whereas muscle mass decreases due to the lack of physical activity.

If you are 45 years old, and you have excess weight you should lose weight because depends on it your health and longevity.

Lose Weight after 45 years, will help you the following nutrition rules. Of the variety of products you can easily choose necessary:

  1. It is important after 45 years to lose weight slowly, to avoid stress to the body and sagging skin.
    2. If you want a snack, it’s better to eat a small portion of fresh vegetables.
    3. Once a week – fasting day. Spend on dairy products, fruits (apples on).
    4. Get enough sleep, lack of sleep also leads to weight loss, sleep should be at least 8 hours.
    5. It is advisable to limit yourself from starchy foods and sweets. But if you absolutely cannot without your favorite foods – eat them in the morning until 12 o’clock.
    6. Eat more vegetables in raw and boiled, salads refill sunflower oil instead of mayonnaise. Also, limit salt to a minimum. Apples and green beans are very useful for you at this age.
    7. Eliminate from your diet high-calorie drinks – alcoholic drinks, sugary carbonated water. They can be replaced by water, hot tea or iced tea.
    8. You need physical exercise and skin care.

Therefore, in order to stay slim, and even more, lose weight after 45 years, you need to know when to stop and prevent a lot of concessions for your body.

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