How to Lose Weight Rapidly After Having a Baby

Most of the women after childbirth, in addition to questions about the health of their own baby, there is another one – how to lose weight rapidly after having a baby?

First of all, try to fully rest. You need to sleep least 7-8 hours a day because chronic lack of sleep leads to stress and nervous exhaustion. This causes metabolic disorders. And this is one of the reasons for excess weight.

Proper diet

Food should be not only delicious but also the most useful and various. It is no secret that birth – is a huge stress for the female body. But in critical periods the body lacks the three main elements: protein, iron, and calcium. They must be present in your daily diet. Proteins are needed as a vegetable (soy, nuts, legumes) and animals (cheese, fish, meat, poultry). At iron deficiency is almost impossible to lose weight, as iron promotes the development of a special enzyme which affects the burning of fat. Therefore, every day you should eat foods rich in iron (lean meat, seafood, liver, beans, nuts, and eggs).

  1. Fluid intake should be at least 2 liters of water per day.
  2. To weight loss, you need to eat only low-calorie foods, no more than 1% fat. The exception is cheese, which contains large amounts of calcium.
  3. Eat small meals 5-6 times a day.
  4. It is not recommended to eat grilled and fatty dishes. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  5. Meats eat only once a day.
  6. Fats should constitute no more than a quarter of the total caloric ration. This means that if one adheres to the norms of 1500 calories daily can be consumed no more than 40 grams of pure fats.

The number of calories must be at least 1,500 a day, but better – 1700-1800.

The approximate ration for one day:

Breakfast: oatmeal, buckwheat or wheat cereal on low-fat milk, no salt, sugar, and butter.

Snack: 30-40 grams of cottage cheese, fruit, a cup of green tea.

Lunch: a plate of vegetable soup, 100-150 grams of boiled or baked chicken without skin, 2 slices of cornbread.

Snack: 100 grams of cottage cheese with yogurt.

Dinner: fish, cabbage or other steamed vegetables, 3-4 tablespoons garnish from cereals, legumes, or 1 small potato.

Before bedtime: a glass of milk.

The main reason for obesity is lack of necessary physical activity. Even consuming a minimum of fats, and eating only fruits and vegetables, in the absence of movement – a person begins to gain weight. How to lose weight rapidly after having a baby without exercise? Unfortunately, without them, you cannot lose weight. After birth, a woman required physical activity. Doctors recommend starting doing physical exercises after one month.

Rapidly lose weight after childbirth is a myth! Let’s face it – if you scored more than 10 kg of weight during pregnancy, to quickly lose weight after having a baby you will not succeed! Moreover, it is dangerous for health!

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