Lowering Cholesterol using Herbal Treatment

When cholesterol levels in the blood become too high, a person is at high risk for heart disease and heart attacks. To lower your risk for heart problems, you should carefully monitor your blood cholesterol levels. There are many ways of treating high cholesterol, and before choosing a treatment, there are many factors to consider. Among them are heart attacks or heart disease, smoking, blood pressure, diabetes or a family history of any of these conditions.

There are many people today who opt in the natural way of treating cholesterol. But as always, it is always suggested to get proper consultation from the doctor before going for the natural or the herbal treatment. Artichoke Leaf Extract is one of the leaf-extracts that help in reducing the cholesterol level to a large extent. The artichoke leaves contain a compound called cynarin that is believed in increasing the production of bile juice in the liver. This helps in throwing away the excess cholesterol that is contained in the body through the excretion process. Cynarin helps in increasing the bile from the liver that eliminates the cholesterol at a much faster rate. Research work and few studies show that artichokes provided significant results with minimum adverse effects on the bodies of the people who have successfully used it to lower their cholesterol levels.

There are few naturally occurring substances in certain plants called as plant stanols and sterols. Such stanols are often blended and taken additionally with whole fruits and juices like orange juice for example. They almost have the structures similar to the cholesterol and they try to block the absorption of excessive cholesterol from the intestines. This helps in reducing the level of cholesterol from entering the blood vessels and thus prevents one from any heart diseases and heart attacks. Effective results have been produced in the past by taking such products from the plant.

The soluble fiber content in any form is always as good in reducing and lowering the cholesterol levels in the body. Beans, cabbages, broccoli, yams, and other leafy vegetables are the primary sources of food that are rich in this soluble fiber content. The intake of this fiber becomes soluble in the body and tries to break the fatty acids into smaller parts and allows easy passage of blood from and to the arteries. The cholesterol levels too are broken down and prevent any blockage near the heart. Easy passage of cholesterol level helps reach the liver which then performs the functioning of throwing that excess cholesterol out of the body.

Apart from these food sources, there are other herbal and natural methods like taking the Red Yeast Rice, Garlic, etc. which also significantly contribute in lowering the levels of cholesterol to a large extent possible from the body.

Therefore, the natural and the herbal way of treatment to lower the cholesterol levels are chosen by most of the people as they are inexpensive and very much affordable.

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