Hand Sanitizer is germ killer and germ-fighter

Cleanliness is most important thing to live healthy life. We all are used to wash our hands multiple times a day with any soap but make sure your soap good to remove germs from your hands. Germ –fighter soap or hand sanitizer is essential because there are so many tiny and fatal germs we can’t see them but they harm us through several ways if we fail to kill them , they might be kill us.
Sometimes warm water and any soap can’t remove germs from our skin completely so hand sanitizer is best choice to meet the need and to protect body from harmful germs. It is designed to kill germs and protect your skin from rash, burn and other sensitivity.

Facts and advantages of hand sanitizers

• Easy to use anywhere any time:

Hand sanitizers are basically made to use when water and soap are not available to wash your hand and after washing hands to provide extra care and protection from bacteria and germs. At work place where you can’t manage to wash your hands you can use hand sanitizer to wash away germs. It is very easy to keep hand sanitizers with you in your pocket or purse. In schools, colleges and at others work places you touches several things like desks, daises, chairs, tables and other related things that having bacteria’s on their surfaces which effects our skin so if we have hand sanitizer we can wash them away from our skin.

• Sanitizer is a moisturizer:

There are is a range of hand sanitizers available in market. These varieties of hand sanitizer are different to each other because of having different ingredients combination to work efficiently. Some of them having alcohol but some hand sanitizers are alcohol fee. Alcohol free hand sanitizer helps to moisturize your hand’s skin it.

• Improve your skin’s texture:

One of interesting and surprising effects of hand sanitizer is that it improves your skin texture and makes it softer. If you are frequently using alcohol free hand sanitizer you can notice changes day by day.

• Soften and smother skin:

A variety of hand sanitizers contains aloe Vera gel and emollients that make your skin soften and smoother. Aloe Vera is most used herbal ingredient in beauty products for several purposes like for sun burn, topical skin conditions, heal the skin from a range of petty ailments. It contains a large amount of water like fluid that helps to keep your skin hydrate, moisturize, and soothe.

• Avoid alcoholic hand sanitizer:

A numbers of hand sanitizer contains alcohol to fight germs. Alcohol is also playing essential role to kill germs but it has also side effects too. Hand sanitizer having alcohol washes away your skin’s natural oils and moist that cause skin cracks.

• Avoid alcoholic hand sanitizer near flam:

As everything has two aspects negative and positive, when alcoholic hand sanitizer can kill 99.9 % germs it also have some side effects like if you go near to flam with alcoholic hand sanitizer it might burn your hands.