Vitamin D for bone development

Vitamin D is an important nutrient for the development of our bone and teeth:

Vitamin D is not actually any member from vitamin family it’s just a term in fact it is a precursor of a hormones or pro hormone. Body cannot create Vitamins because vitamins are nutrients a person can intake from diet only. The precursor termed “Vitamin D” is much more important than calcium because it helps your body absorb calcium. Our skin makes vitamin D by itself in reaction to sunlight and stocks it in our fat that we can use later to absorb Calcium in our bones. As compare to Calcium Vitamin D is much more important because if our body lacks Vitamin D our calcium can’t store in our bones. Calcium can’t work alone for the thickness and development of strong bones. Vitamin D helps in absorption of not only calcium but phosphorus too, which both are basic minerals for bone health and development.

Make sure adequate levels of the vitamin in your blood otherwise you are at risk. Vitamin D is natural fat soluble source.
Surprising and interesting facts about vitamin D.

According to researches:

  • Vitamin D prevent you from several heart diseases
  • It helps in reducing the risk of multiple sclerosis
  • Build your immune system
  • It help in reduces depression and stress
  • Helps in mood regulation
  • It’s one of much more surprising facts that Vitamin D helps you to weight loss.
  • It helps regulating insulin levels in body and reduces causes of diabetes

Natural sources of vitamin D

There are two basic natural sources of vitamin D:

  • Food
  • Sunlight

Artificial source of vitamin D

  • Supplements


Sunlight is basic and natural source of vitamin D is very important for living beings our skin makes vitamin D in response to sunlight so it’s important to get sun energy. We should get at least one hour sunlight every day to fulfill our body’s requirements.


We can get vitamin D from food too but in our daily routine food can’t meet the need of our body’s requirements. There is less quantity of vitamin D in our food so we have to maintain the level with the help or other sources like sunlight or any other source like supplements.

Supplement: If we can’t get enough Vitamin D from natural sources due to any reason we have to balance it through supplements. There are so many Vitamin D supplements available in the market to meet the need.

How you know about deficiency of vitamin D?

Some common symptoms:

  • Feeling not well without any illness or cause
  • Aches and pains in different parts of body like bone or muscle pain, headache backache etc.
  • Feeling tiredness and fatigue
  • Laziness and sickness
  • Weakened wound healing
  • Hair fall

Vitamin D deficiency for a long time may cause many complications

  • Different Infections
  • Nervous system diseases and disorders
  • Various types of cancers
  • Immune system problems
  • Several complications in pregnancy like premature birth of a baby
  • Hair loss
  • Teeth problems