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The benefits of colon cleansing, where do we start? Before we get into all the great benefits that colon cleansing can do for you, I must say that thinking back, just starting to look at colon cleansing and detoxification was the beginning of a journey to greater health in my life. Originally, I looked to do a colon cleanse because I wanted to change my health for the better and rid myself of some common ailments I had at the time (allergies especially).

I realized over time though, that internally cleansing your body once in a while is powerful in itself, but the key to staying healthy and feeling great all the time was keeping it that way. I don’t mean to say that colon cleansing, or detoxifying your body is something that you should always be doing, but should be doing more regularly.

Also, once you begin to consciously acknowledge that you need to cleanse your body and begin to do it by taking action and seeing concrete results, you will become more conscious of your body’s internal processes and realize that you do need to take more care of you body on a regular basis, and this has many factors involved and aspects to it, for example your daily diet and beverage intake.
Some other factors involved as to why you need to internally cleanse and detoxify your body more often are the thousands toxins and chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis, whether at home, at work, on the road. Also the air you breathe (especially if you live in a city) is far from fresh in our post-industrial era. Our water supply, high consumption of processed, artificial foods and lets not forget the un-natural over the counter and pharmaceutical drugs many of us take that cause harmful side effects, have a very deep and profound impact on our bodies that manifest in outward physical symptoms.

It’s a bit overwhelming when you think about it, but also it is very powerful to know that you can do something about it. You will feel empowered that you can make a conscious decision to have better health and colon cleansing is a great place to start. Also most of us are unaware of why we may have skin problems, or allergies, or constipation or whatever ailment in the first place, even though we usually know it’s something in our environment that’s causing it. We just want to feel better.

I find it interesting that will live in a society that is very conscious and fixated on keeping an outward appearance of cleanliness, yet we ignore cleansing the very things inside of us that help keep us that way. For example, most people shower everyday (several times a day even), shampoo their hair, brush their teeth, wear deodorants and colognes/perfumes to smell and look good, yet ignore how well their internal system and organs are functioning. And yet, it is your internal body that will become unbalanced and diseased long before you see the outward physical symptoms. So detoxification and internal cleansing is crucial to a healthy looking outward appearance.
Colon cleansing and detoxification are a great way for us to not only feel better but to get to the root of the problems we are having as opposed to just masking them like a lot of people do by taking temporary ‘fixes’ like synthetic drugs and unnatural medications. Not only that but cleansing and detoxifying your body can be the first step for most of us to claim personal responsibility for our health. We really need to do this now I believe more than ever with the increase in chronic diseases cropping up more than ever it seems.
Okay so what are the main benefits of colon cleansing? Here is a list I compiled of some of the great benefits you can expect with a regular cleansing program (please note that this is not an exhaustive list):

• Greater energy levels
• Ridding your body of harmful toxins
• Healthy weight loss
• Clean breath
• Clearer skin
• More efficient digestive function
• Better sleep patterns
• Possible solution to allergy problems
• Relief of constipation and gas
• Regulation of bowel movements
• Increased immune function

I have read of people experiencing even more dramatic changes in their health that goes beyond this list. Every person is unique, but I think everyone can experience positive change no matter what as long as they stick to a proven colon cleansing and detoxification program and have some patience and resolve to make lasting healthy change in their lives.

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