Fast Weight Loss Diet

This fast diet will allow you to lose weight in just one week up to 4 kilograms. At the same time tolerated the diet is easy enough.

Need to completely exclude from the diet: pastries, bread, ketchup, fried and smoked, nuts, butter, salt, alcohol, dairy products more than 1, 5% fat, sugar, mustard.

The allowed foods during this diet: fruit juices, rice or buckwheat, boiled eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, boiled meat or chicken, fruit, vegetables (excluding potatoes), mineral water.

A daily ration with this diet consists of three meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And always need to eat at the same time.

Sample Plan

Breakfast: one boiled egg (no more than three per week), 0, 5 pack fat cottage cheese, 2 fruits to choose from, and one glass of juice or tea.

Lunch: 100 grams of boiled chicken (no more than 3 times per week), peas, any fruit, a glass of juice and fresh vegetables.

Dinner: boiled cabbage, vegetables, buckwheat or rice, a glass of fruit juice, pear or apple.

During fast weight loss diet need to take vitamin and mineral complex.

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