Swimming for Weight Loss

Swimming is a unique way to lose weight. During swimming for weight loss involved almost all the muscle groups depending on the style and techniques of swimming.

There is a group of rules that need to know to workout were safe and effective. First, if you’re a beginner, do not exceed the first lessons in more than 30 minutes. After a week or even two, on condition of good health, you can increase the length of stay in the pool to an hour. Second, each lesson begins with a little workout.

Swimming for weight loss helps you lose weight quickly and get a lot of positive emotions. Just do not forget that you cannot eat before swimming. The interval between eating and swimming must be at least an hour.

Benefits of swimming for weight loss

  1. Helps at weight loss: an exercise in water burns 350 to 450 calories per hour. In combination with a healthy diet, swimming helps reduce body fat and increasing muscle mass.
  2. Provides a good aerobic work the cardiovascular system. Swimming stimulates work of lung and strengthens the work of vegetative and lymph nodes, enhances immunity and well-uplifting.
  3. Improves joint mobility: in the water, you are 90 percent lighter than on land, which gives us the opportunity to swim.
  4. Tones the muscles: the water provides a 12-14 percent more resistance than air, so it is a good substitute for weight training. In addition, the active arm and leg movements during swimming help build muscle mass and improve overall body composition.
  5. Reduces stress: a pool is good not only for the body but also for the nervous system. Soothing aspects of water can help you reduce anxiety and eliminate unnecessary tensions.

In order to swimming bring the long-awaited effect of weight loss, per week you should have at least 3 intense workouts. For more rapid weight loss you should increase the duration and frequency of workout.

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