The Sunshine Vitamin “Vitamin D3”

Vitamin D3 is called the sunshine vitamin as it produces when your skin exposed to the sunlight.
Vitamin D is more than one Vitamin. The key benefit of Vitamin D is that it’s fat-soluble, it is the source of absorption of calcium and other minerals. Vitamin D regulate the growth of bone and also play an important role in immune fiction. Accordant to research, taking Vitamin D with meal enhances the absorption and increase the blood level efficiently. It’s recommended to take in 400-800 IU of Vitamin D per day. Make sure not to take more than that without consulting your health professional. To keep yourself prevent the deficiency of Vitamin D, make sure to eat food rich with Vitamin D, spend more time in sunshine or take Vitamin D supplements.
Vitamin D2 Vs D3:
Vitamin D2 and D3 are two major types of Vitamin D that meet all requirements of Vitamin D. Vitamins D2, an Ergocalciferol, that is produced by plants and not by the human body itself. Whereas Vitamin D3 I is Cholecalciferol, which is made in a very large amount as the sunlight strikes the skin. Also, Vitamin D3 is found from animal source. As Vitamin D2 is came from plants source, they are cheap and easy to found. Vitamin D2 is less effective than Vitamin D3.

Sources of Vitamin D2:

• Plants like mushrooms.
• Fortified Foods that have extra nutrients.
• Dietary Supplements.
Sources of Vitamin D3:
Fish Oil or Oily Fish
• Liver
• Butter
• Egg Yolk
• Dietary Supplements

How Vitamin D3 is Beneficial to health?
Vitamin D3 fights with Disease:

Vitamin D plays an important role in the reduction of diseases like:
• Helps in the reduction of the risk of Heart Disease.
• Decrease the chance of Multi Sclerosis.
• Also, help in the reduction of developing Flue.
• Fight against cancer.

Vitamin D3 reduces Depression:
Vitamin D3 also plays an important role in improving regular mood. It has been noticed that people with depression, after taking Vitamin D3 supplements, have an improvement in their regular moods.

Vitamin D3 helps maintain healthy bones:

Calcium and phosphorus, two factors that are extremely important for healthy bones. We need Vitamin D3 to absorb calcium and phosphorus in our bones. Vitamin D3 regulates the calcium and maintains the phosphorus level in the blood. Therefore, Vitamin D3 is very essential for bone health.

Maintain Healthy Pregnancy:

Risk of deduction of Vitamin D is more in pregnant women. And this deficiency of Vitamin D may develop diabetes and bacterial vaginosis in them. That’s why they need to try to take more Vitamin D.
How Vitamin D3 Deficiency Created:
Although the body can generate Vitamin D itself there are many reasons deficiency can occur. Above of all is usage of sunblock and sunscreen, people afraid of dark skin use sunblock and sunscreen in their cars. Because of that sunblock and sunscreen, sunlight can’t touch the skin and in result deficiency take place.

Symptoms of Deficiency:

Symptoms of deficiency of Vitamin D3 could be:
• Depressed mood.
• Painful back, bones and joints.
• Fatigue.
• Muscle pain.
• Hair loss.
• Increment in getting sick.

These are some things that are the sign of Vitamin D3 deficiency.
To stay from Vitamin D deficiency, try to fulfil the level of Vitamin D your body needs and to fulfil the requirement you should take Vitamins D3 supplements with your meal.
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