Why We Need Vitamin C?

Vitamins are the substances that your body needs to grow and develop normally. Vitamin C is itself a unique whole food. It is a crucial nutrient for health that helps to form and maintain bones, eyes, skin, connective tissues and blood vessels. Vitamin C permute healing and help the body to absorb iron and proteins.
Vitamin C is an organic compound. Organic compounds are those compounds that exist in living things that have carbon and oxygen in them. Vitamin C in water soluble and a body does not store it permanently. That’s why we need to intake foods and supplements to gain Vitamin C.
We can gain Vitamin C from fruits and vegetable but there are some people who need extra amount of Vitamin C including pregnant women, smokers, people recovering from injuries and burn victims. So, it become necessary to take supplements along with food.
Deficiency of Vitamin C can cause Scurvy. The symptoms of this disease include swollen joints, bleeding gums, loss of teeth, anaemia and tiredness.
Too much intake of Vitamin C can also dangerous as it may cause Rebound Scurvy. This can happen because of high dose of Vitamin C. That’s why keep in mind that there’s a limit of in taking everything too much intake could also harmful for your body.
Vitamin C plays an important function in different body function like in the production of collagen, L-carnitine and some neurotransmitters. It commonly advised to take vitamins from food but some people use supplements according to their need. Vitamin C can’t be produced by the body itself but it has many impressive benefits on health factor. Vitamin C has strong antioxidant that is used to:
• Reduces the risk of cancer
• Boost the function of immune system
• Fights with the blood pressure
• Reduces the risk of heart disease
• Decreases the blood uric acid level
• Prevent from gout attack
• Prevent you from iron deficiency
• Also, protector of memory.

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