Diet Protasov

Diet Protasov has been very popular over the years, and it is not surprising, because this weight loss diet gives excellent results. The diet lasts for five weeks, helps to lose weight and cleanse the body. The total weight loss of up to 8 pounds. Let’s look at the main features of the diet Protasov.

Diet Protasov is one of the varieties of vegetable-protein diets with very low carbohydrate. According to recent studies, low-carbohydrate diets more effective than low-calorie low-fat and allow burning more calories with equal energy value.

The first and second week of the diet

Throughout the first and second week need to eat only raw vegetables and 5% fats (cottage cheese or cheeses), yogurt. Yogurt should be completely natural, without fruits additives. Need to drink at least 2 liters of fluid (water, unsweetened tea or coffee) per day. Plus, one boiled egg and three green apples. Vegetables and 5% of yogurt can be eaten in unlimited quantities.

On the third, fourth and fifth week

Starting from the third week need to eat everything, too, that in the first and second weeks, but added the meat, poultry, and fish of 300 grams. From the third week should also limit the consumption of cheese and yogurt.

The following products should be excluded from the diet Protasov: meat and vegetable soups, ham or sausage, sugar, salads with the presence of proscribed components, crab sticks, juices from the package, boiled vegetables, foods containing soy, yogurts with fruit additives, and dishes containing gelatin, vinegar, avocado.

After the end of diet Protasov needs to follow some rules:

– Dairy products should be low-fat (0,5-1%).

– Limit the amount of vegetable oil per day – no more than 15 grams (3 tablespoons).

– At breakfast, you can eat cereal or low-fat cottage cheese with vegetable salad.

– Add other fruits, exclude bananas, mangoes, grapes, dried fruits.


One of the main advantages of a diet Protasov – normalization of eating habits.

Dairy products and eggs are rich in high-quality natural protein. Sufficient proportion of protein in the diet (about 25-30% of daily calories) can get rid of excess fat.

The optimal for weight loss is the reduction of fats. Fats from dairy products are very useful for getting rid of excess weight.


First of all, is, of course, the duration of the diet (35 days). This diet is not balanced in essential vitamins and minerals. You may need additional intake of vitamins complexes

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