Wish To Lose Weight Quickly: Follow THIS!

Loss weight quickly is not a difficult task, but to avoid harm your health needs to planning diet correctly. There are lots of diets with the help of which you can lose weight quickly.

The purpose of fast diets is simple – for a short period of time to get rid of extra pounds. Basically, these diets most stringent.

Women who have a reserve force of will often choose hunger. This is also a diet, for the three days can lose from three to five kilograms. But this way of losing weight has a huge number of disadvantages. During abstinence from food man loses activity, feels constant fatigue and sleepiness. Another negative fact that after such a diet you cannot eat in normal mode.

Mono diet. The basis of this method is the consumption of only one product during the diet. As the main product, you can choose rice or buckwheat without sugar and salt. Quantity is not limited. For variety may be one or two fruits a day and a glass of kefir. Instead of cereals can be eaten apples and yogurt. But this method of struggle against excess weight seriously affects the psychological state. Nevertheless, such a diet is good for cleaning the body.

The negative side of fast diets

  1. Losing weight during the fast diet is associated with excretion of fluid from the body, loss of muscle mass and only then with the splitting of fats. Therefore, for any regime nutrition is recommended consumption of water for at least two liters a day.
  2. If you disclaim of some foods your body will suffer micro-nutrient deficiencies. To fill the daily rate of nutrients during fast diets necessary to take vitamin complex.

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